Ice Cream Machine: Making an educated choice

best ice cream makerIce cream machines are globally acclaimed as being among the handiest home appliances on the market. From frozen drinks to gelato, frozen yogurt or even frozen custard, ice cream makers are entirely suited to users of various expertise levels and ages. You don’t even need to know how to operate this apparatus to easily whip up batches of your favorite frozen treats in a mere matter of minutes. In fact, the majority of ice cream makers can help you make your ice cream in just 20 to 30 minutes. Customers will be glad to learn that ice cream makers are also available in various price ranges, which means that you’ll be able to purchase one even if you’re on a restricted budget.

It is important to bear in mind, however, that the market is practically flooding with an extensive number of brand names and models. Since each model has its own set of features and controls, not all ice cream makers are suited for everyone. It is consequently of the uttermost importance to take the proper time and care to carefully select an ice cream maker that will fit your needs, budget and expertise level. Before indulging in your purchase, you should also do a quick assessment of your needs and evaluate the number of times that you plan on using your apparatus per week. If you have a small family, for example, you can go for a compact machine that can make smaller batches of ice cream in 15 to 20 minutes only. These also have the advantage of being considerably less expensive than their larger counterparts.

To make an educated choice, users should also consider whether they would like to go for a manual or electric model. Some people, for example, choose to go for a hand crank ice cream maker because these models do have a vintage feel to them while helping you make delicious old-fashioned ice cream. While these are designed to provide smaller batches at a time, they also allow you to benefit from a far creamier texture. The one disadvantage with this type of machine is that they are extremely time consuming and can’t be used for parties and the likes.

For ease of use and efficacy, it is advisable to go for electric models. The electrical motors can churn our ice cream in just a few minutes, which basically takes the work off our hands. When buying your electric machine, you should also remember that some canisters require ice and salt treatment before use. Other machines come with bowls that need to be chilled for up to 20 hours before use. Some more expensive ice cream makers also come with a unique feature that allows you to keep your canister in the freezer during the entire duration of the churning process.

Lastly, another way of making an educated choice is to decide beforehand what type of frozen treats you plan on making in your apparatus. If you want to curb your expenses, it’s recommended to go for basic models that are limited to ice cream and frozen yogurt only. More sophisticated models can be used to make practically all kinds of frozen treats, including slushies and frozen alcoholic beverages.

Top compressor ice cream makers

VonShef Professional Fully Automatic Ice Cream Maker If you’re interested in purchasing an ice cream machine, you will be glad to learn that the market presents different types of ice cream makers that you can choose according to your requirements. For example, if you’re looking for a portable, inexpensive and compact machine, you can go for a machine that requires to be treated with rock salt and ice before use. Other users choose to go for apparatuses with canisters that need to be frozen for around twelve to twenty-four hours before it’s ready to accommodate your mixture. However, if you’re looking for speed and convenience, it is best to go for machines with built-in compressors.

Indeed, these apparatuses are specially designed to keep your mixture at freezing temperature or below during the entire duration of the churning process. These machines do come in various price ranges. The major advantage with these apparatuses is that they allow you to churn batch after batch of ice cream with absolutely no waiting time between the batches. By this token, you can use the compressor ice cream maker for parties and gatherings. These machines are enhanced with powerful motors that can make ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, frozen custard and sherbets in half an hour or less.

The has a 1.6 quart capacity can be used to make regular ice cream as well as frozen yogurt, sherbets and sorbets. It has a built-in compressor that completely eliminates the need for any pre-freezing, which can help you save quite a bit of time. This apparatus also has a low noise level that allows you to use it at night. Unlike standard ice cream makers that can require up to twenty-four hours of freezing time, this apparatus can make your ice cream in just 20 to 30 minutes.

The Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker costs between $400 and $500. Boasting a powerful motor, this compressor machine has no less than 12 hardness settings, including but not limited to regular ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, sorbet, frozen custard, sherbets and the likes. Since you won’t need to refrigerate the canister beforehand, you can literally get out your machine and use it anytime you want. It even has a keep cool setting that can last up to 3 hours. It also enables you to choose between automatic and manual function.

The iGloo ICE102-Red Compact Ice Maker can effortlessly produce up to 26 pounds of ice cream in just one day. It only costs between $100 and $200 which is quite a bargain considering its extensive range of features. Extremely compact, it does not require a lot of space which can be quite an advantage if you live in smaller spaces. This apparatus can easily store up to 1.5 pounds of ice cream at a time. Users can make the most out of the LED controls to switch between the features.

The Secura Ice Cream Maker with Self-Refrigerating Compressor has a price tag that ranges between $200 and $300. It features a compressor motor that doesn’t require any pre-freezing time at all. The apparatus also has a transparent lid that will allow you to keep a close watch on your mixture while it churns. The commercial grade built is also designed to withstand quite a lot of wear and tear which means that you can use it as often as you want. Best of all, it has a dynamic dasher that perfectly blends all the ingredients for creamier texture.

Components of an ice cream maker

Unlike what many beginners seem to believe, using an ice cream maker is far easier than one would believe. This is why, with time and practice, the majority of users can easily make batches of their favorite ice cream in a mere few minutes. Of course, the efficacy and time required to make your ice cream depends on each specific model but for the most part, the basic steps are the same for all machines. If you’ve never used an ice cream maker before, it is also important to get acquainted with the different components of an ice cream maker as well as their functionality.

Freezer bowlFreezer bowl

The majority of ice cream makers come with a fully detachable freezer bowl that can freeze your mixture directly into the machine. Some freezer bowls need to be treated with salt and ice prior to the churning process. More advanced electrical freezer bowls do not need to be frozen before use since you can simply place them in the freezer while they churn your mixture.


Present in practically all contemporary electrical ice cream machines, sprouts are normally located right on the lid. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to pause the machine or interrupt the churning process to add additional ingredients. It is recommended to go for machine with wider sprouts to help you add more ingredients such as larger pieces of fruits, chocolates, coconut flakes and the likes to your ice cream.


Also referred to as the paddle or the mixing arm, the dasher is by far the most important component of your ice cream machine. The paddle is designed to fit into your canister to swirl around and churn your ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, frozen custard or even frozen drinks. In electrical machines, the motor sets the dasher in motion. However, hand-cranked machines require actual manpower to activate the paddle.

Base and controls

Since making ice cream can be a messy business, it always pays off to go for an ice cream maker that comes with a non-slip base or even suction cups to ensure that your machine stays securely into place, regardless of how slippery your counter is. Depending on the model that you go for, your ice cream maker can have a plethora of control buttons in the likes of built-in timers, self-cleaning options, LCD screens and audible alerts. More expensive models even have a plethora of built-in control buttons to help you choose what type of frozen treat you would like to go for.

Best commercial grade ice cream makers

Investing in an Cuisinart Ice Cream Makerice cream maker is always a good idea because it can be used to very easily whip up batches of delectable treats without stepping out of your front door. These machines normally only require a couple few ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry, which will undoubtedly save you quite a few trips to the grocery store. The market does present an extensive range of compact and affordable apparatuses that are ideal for home use. However, if you want one for business purposes- or if you simply want to invest in a solid apparatus that will last for life, it is highly recommended to go for a commercial-grade ice cream maker.

The Lello Musso Pola 5030 Dessert Maker is a high-end apparatus that costs between $1000 and $2000. While it may be on the more expensive side, this particular piece of equipment is easily among the most solid and reliable models on the market. It comes with a plethora of features such as scratch-resistant stainless-steel casing. With a 2 quart capacity, the apparatus can make no less than 6 quarts of gelato, ice cream or frozen yogurt in just one hour.

The Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker is a commercial-grade machine that costs between $500 and $600. It has no less than 12 hardness settings that can be used to make a wide variety of frozen treats such as ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, frozen custard and sherbets, among others. Featuring a keep cool setting that can last for as long as 3 hours, the ice cream maker also has a self-refrigerating compressor system to ensure that your mixture does not melt all over the place. With this apparatus, you can also benefit from a choice between manual or automatic function.

Priced between $600 and $700, the Lello 4080 Musso Lussino 1.5-Quart Ice Cream Maker has a 1-1/2 quart capacity and can easily freeze up to 3 quarts of ice cream or sorbet in just one hour. Because of its automatic feature, you simply need to press down on two buttons to activate the machine. The paddle, housing and bowl are all made from stainless steel to largely facilitate cleanup.